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Chapter 7 – Liquidation

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If you pass a means test that takes into consideration your debts, current income, and other factors, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may provide discharge of many or all of your unsecured debts, such as credit card debts and medical bills, protection against creditors, including an end to wage garnishments, and prevention of judgments against you. Call us to determine what the best steps are for you to take in your personal situation.

Chapter 13 – Reorganization

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Chapter 13 is often called bill consolidation or wage earner repayment plan and is available for people who have some amount money left over each month after paying for necessary living expenses. Under current law, it is used to repay debts over a three to five year period. Chapter 13 helps people to catch up on past-due house payments, child support, taxes, and other problem debts under the protection of the Bankruptcy Court. This protection, called the “automatic stay,” begins the moment you file a petition in bankruptcy (under any chapter) and prevents creditors from taking any further actions against you without first obtaining a court order from the Bankruptcy Court. This means that the filing of your bankruptcy petition will stop a threatened foreclosure of your house or property, will stop an IRS wage levy, and stop the repossession of your automobile. This protection stays in place as long as you can provide for these debts through your Chapter 13 plan.
In Chapter 13, we can often reduce and restructure payments on vehicles, furniture, and other secured debts, and protect co-debtors while you repay any joint consumer obligations. At the end of your plan, you are discharged from all remaining dischargeable debts. Don’t lose everything you have worked so hard to acquire. Call us today to seek the protection that you deserve.


Chapter 11 – Reorganization

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Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a form of bankruptcy reorganization available to individuals, corporations and partnerships. It has no limits on the amount of debt like Chapter 13. It is the usual choice for large businesses seeking to restructure their debt and restructure their business. Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code can be used to “reorganize” your business and try to become profitable again. Management continues to run the day-to-day business operations but all significant business decisions must be approved by a bankruptcy court. Under Chapter 11, we can negotiate directly on your behalf with vendors and creditors so you can keep your business moving forward.

Chapter 12 – Family Farmers & Fisherman

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Chapter 12 of the Bankruptcy Code is available only to family farmers and fishermen in certain situations. It is similar to Chapter 13 in some ways. If you have a family farm or fishing operation, you may be eligible for greater protection under this chapter of the code. Call us for a no-obligation evaluation of your situation.
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