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Eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits is based on several factors. Individuals who may be eligible include a family’s primary wage earner, a worker’s dependent widow, widower, or a child under age 18 with disabilities. When seeking Social Security Disability benefits, your disease or condition must meet the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) definition of a disability. It must also be one that has lasted or is expected to last at least 12 months or until death, and be severe enough to prevent you from performing your former job or any other type of gainful employment.

Once you have stopped working, you have a 5-year grace period, in which you are still eligible for monthly disability payments. If the onset of your disability occurs more than five years after your last insured day, you will not qualify for disability benefits. If you have filed a claim for Social Security Disability and have received a denial letter, call us immediately.

If you have not already applied for Social Security Disability/Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, we will help you with your application. If you receive an initial denial, we will file all the necessary paperwork for a Request for Reconsideration, requesting that the Social Security Administration reconsider your case.

If you should receive a reconsideration denial, then we will file a Request for Hearing to present your case before an Administrative Law Judge and will appeal any decision as necessary and appropriate. You have paid into the system. Let us fight for the benefits that you are rightly due.

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Christopher R. Proschko, P.C. will make sure that you receive the individualized and professional service that you and your family deserve. The key to estate planning is making sure that you preserve your assets through a variety of estate planning techniques, whether it is trusts, wills, or family limited partnerships. We work with you to achieve your unique and personal objectives while minimizing the related tax costs.

Whether we are helping clients prepare simple wills with guardianship provisions for their children, or implementing a sophisticated and complex estate plan, each client receives an individually tailored estate plan. We pride ourselves in providing the same level of individual attention regardless of the type of planning that is required.

Our areas of expertise include preparation of wills, including guardian provisions for children, trusts, living wills, and powers of attorney. We also provide services for establishment of guardianships, business continuity planning, and tax planning strategies to reduce taxes for families and businesses. As a CPA and an attorney, Christopher Proschko is here to provide you with the proper planning you need to preserve everything that is yours. Be sure to call us today to take the steps necessary to ensure that you, your family, and your heirs get everything that they deserve.

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